HPE GreenLake with Nutanix is ready!
HPE GreenLake with Nutanix is ready!


HPE and Nutanix promised to bring as a Service consumption to the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, and now it’s ready.

IT shops are getting seriously sophisticated about hybrid cloud these days, and cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure vendors like Nutanix. It isn’t a new technology, but companies like Nutanix have made it easy and fast, while enabling a number of specific workloads. Now HPE and Nutanix have joined forces to deliver an integrated hybrid cloud as a Service (aaS) solution to the market. This offering will leverage Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software, including its built-in, free AHV hypervisor, delivered through HPE GreenLake to provide customers with a fully HPE-managed hybrid cloud that dramatically lowers total cost of ownership and accelerates time to value.

HPE GreenLake services bring consumption-based IT to our customers’ workloads and data – across their datacenters or colocations. Consumption-based IT for your top workloads delivers business agility with the right cost and control.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the cloud is not a destination but rather an experience. And that experience – fast access to the VMs you need, hands-off IT operation, and pay for what you need – brings many advantages. Customers are looking for choice, ease and simplicity in how they build and manage applications across environments. They want to spend time on innovation, move faster without compromising security, and minimize complexity. This is why we’ve teamed up together.

Why Nutanix?

With Nutanix, customers can now leverage a built-in, free hypervisor through an aaS offering, and benefit from Nutanix’s single-click simplicity to deploy and scale virtualized workloads. The Nutanix technology can reduce IT staff hours by 61% for deployment, management and support when compared to traditional infrastructure, allowing HPE GreenLake services to be delivered more quickly and efficiently.

Why HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake is the industry-leading aaS solution for on-premises IT. With variable payments based on actual metered usage of the workload or resources, rapid scalability ahead of customer capacity needs, and enterprise-grade management and support, HPE GreenLake delivers a cloud experience to customers’ data center or co-location environment. And HPE GreenLake can take on the parts of IT operations that really don’t help to drive business innovation, delivering a managed environment but leaving the customer in control.

Customers are putting this solution to work in many ways. But here are three important ways to get value from this solution.

  • A platform for end user computing — a high performance VDI infrastructure that you pay for as it delivers value.
  • A database platform tailored to the needs of the most common databases, delivered as a service.
  • A general private cloud with the automation that Nutanix has developed and the cloud-like experience of HPE GreenLake.

Put these two industry leaders together and you get the best of both: cloud economics, simpler IT, and an elastic hyperconverged platform that practically runs itself. 

For more information, please refer to Nutanix