Cohesity: Leading Data Security and Management

Cohesity: Leading Data Security and Management

Cohesity Smartfiles

Cohesity SmartFiles is an enterprise-class, software-defined, datacentric, multiprotocol file and object solution for the enterprise that transcends traditional offerings in terms of manageability, scale, security,
efficiency and multi-tiered data management. It is based on the Cohesity Helios multicloud data platform, which delivers a patented distributed architecture for scale-out storage in a pay-as-you-grow model that never requires disruptive upgrades.

SmartFiles modernizes and simplifies data and application management by providing one platform for multiple workloads. It is a modern converged target for consolidating data silos and securely managing unstructured content and application data, including digital libraries, archives, rich media, video surveillance, big data and backup data sets.

Simplified Multicloud Data Management
SmartFiles software works efficiently on-premises as well as in the public cloud to make data visible and manageable. Its multicloud capabilities ensure seamless and rapid data mobility and application
portability. Wherever data resides, it is always protected and preserved with integrated layers of security features and file integrity functions. Intelligent policy-based management and automation affirm efficient placement, governance and protection of volumes of data.

Do More With Data
SmartFiles enables you to extract value from data through an integrated Cohesity and third-party application ecosystem that runs directly on data in-place to mitigate risk from cyber threats and ransomware, accelerate content and metadata search, streamline compliance and eDiscovery, and detect anomalies and develop actionable insights with powerful analytics. SmartFiles  also increases operational efficiency with multiple protocols, including native S3 compatibility, to integrate with leading business applications and clouds. For added protection of your sensitive data, Cohesity DataGovern integrates with SmartFiles to help you accurately discover sensitive data, meet stringent compliance requirements, and enable fast response and recovery from ransomware and other cyber threats.

Flexible, Efficient And Cost Optimized
Available as a software defined solution, SmartFiles delivers drastically lower cost of ownership by providing the flexibility to match workload, capacity and cost requirements with a range of hardware choices, including flash-optimized options. Innovative data deduplication, compression and small file optimization extend storage capacity and enhance performance. Simplified tiering of cold content off valuable Tier 1 storage also assures investment protection while reducing the frequency of capacity upgrades on existing 3rd-party systems.

Cohesity DataProtect

Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, secure, backup and recovery solution. Designed to safeguard your data against sophisticated cyber threats, it offers the industry's most comprehensive policy-based protection for your cloud-native, SaaS, and traditional data sources. Cohesity DataProtect converges multiple-point products into a single software that can be deployed on-premises or consumed as a service (Backup as a Service).

Multi-layered Protection for Enterprise Applications
Designed on zero-trust principles, Cohesity DataProtect secures your enterprise data across a broad set of sources - virtual and physical servers, traditional and containerized applications, databases, NAS, and SaaS workloads. A combination of immutability, WORM, data encryption framework, multifactor authentication, and granular role-based access control helps to stop unauthorized  applications and bad actors from modifying or deleting your data.

Lightning Fast Recovery
The solution features near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs) to meet business service-level agreements (SLAs). With Cohesity Helios’ unified control plane quickly search and recover data on any Cohesity cluster, located anywhere.  DataProtect uniquely reduces downtime by instantly mass restoring any number of virtual machines (VMs), large volume of unstructured data, and any size Oracle database, to any point in time, and reduces data protection costs by 70% or more.  

Freedom of Backup as a Service (BaaS)
Take advantage of the public cloud’s elasticity and economics with DataProtect delivered as a service. Choose an OpEx spend model and eliminate the need for on-premises hardware. The SaaS option allows you to easily configure your backup jobs and, within minutes, start protecting your mission-critical data and applications without needing any hardware on-premises. It’s as easy as: sign-up, connect, and protect!

Cohesity Helios

SaaS-based, global data and application management

Cohesity Helios™ provides a single view and global management of your data and applications wherever they reside—on-premises, cloud, and edge. Add Cohesity Helios to your multi-cluster environment, and you gain unprecedented global access and control over your data and apps.

Unify your data and apps

Much more than a passive dashboard, Cohesity Helios utilizes cutting edge algorithms to proactively assess IT needs and automate infrastructure resources. Cohesity Helios goes beyond accelerating IT efficiency and simplicity at a global scale. With Cohesity DataPlatform and Helios you can:

• Easily move data and apps to any location for archiving, dev/test, or analytics

• Effectively build out your hybrid cloud strategy

• Improve business continuity with instant, global mass restore of any app 


A unified dashboard to manage your global multi-cluster environment, with real-time monitoring and reporting, Cohesity Helios simplifies managing global data and applications with an easy to navigate user interface. You can now easily enforce your global policies and upgrade all your Cohesity clusters, or drill down into any specific cluster, all from a single aggregated view.


Cohesity Helios SmartAssist automatically schedules and orchestrates jobs and workloads to help you meet your desired SLAs. Compare and optimize your infrastructure performance against your peers with Helios’ industry benchmark data. Gain more control with Helios’ smart recommendation capabilities to make an informed decision. And if the unexpected does happen, such as a failed hard disk or power supply, gain peace of mind knowing Cohesity Helios can automate corrective action for failure of non-critical system resources.


Business runs better when IT has greater visibility and can proactively prevent downtime and insufficient resources from slowing the performance of critical processes such as backup and analytics. With machine driven insights, Helios can alert for any software and hardware anomalies with remediation recommendations before it negatively impacts your business. Based on your current storage utilization, data growth trends, and storage efficiency analysis, Helios can predict and recommend when you might need additional resources to avoid downtime. Further, proactively evaluate the impact of a new workload, an adaptor, or changes made to processes and configuration with Helios’ advanced sandbox environment.

Cohesity FortKnox

Cohesity FortKnox powers a modern 3-2-1 strategy for the cloud era that effectively balances organizations’ security and agility priorities. A SaaS data isolation and recovery solution, FortKnox improves cyber resiliency with an immutable copy of data in a Cohesity-managed cloud vault via a virtual air gap. Organizations relying on FortKnox gain an additional layer of security against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats through physical, network, and operational isolation. 

Protection against cyber threats

“Virtual air gap” provides an extra layer of protection for mission-critical data from both external and internal bad actors.

  • Comprehensive security: beyond Zero Trust: Safeguard data with multilayered Cohesity Threat Defense Architecture—with immutability, WORM/Amazon S3 Object Lock, quorum, Cohesity-managed KMS, threat detection, and more.
  • ML-based early threat detection: Leverage machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous backup snapshots and respond rapidly.
  • Amplify existing controls: Integrations to SIEM, SOAR, KMS, and more to leverage and extend existing security investments.

SaaS efficiency
All of the security. None of the complexity. Simply connect, vault, and recover.

  • Rapid implementation and shared responsibility: Slash complexity and costs of “DIY” approaches and meet demanding SLAs with a single, trusted cloud service for data vaulting and recovery. No additional cloud storage or egress costs.
  • More choice and cost savings: Recovery SLAs and budgets vary for every organization. Choose between FortKnox warm and cold storage (coming soon) tiers to select the option that best suits your business priorities.
  • Ease of use: Monitor global data vaults and scan for anomalous snapshots with a single UI.

Rapid and efficient recovery
Quickly identify the best recovery options to meet demanding SLA requirements.

  • Flexible recovery: Recover data quickly and easily to the original or an alternate location, including public or private cloud.
  • Confident recovery: Easily and confidently identify an untainted copy of data for recovery in case backup data is attacked or lost due to disaster.
  • Granular recovery: Recover whole volumes or specific files and objects quickly and easily, while ensuring the integrity of the data.


Cohesity DataHawk

Cohesity DataHawk is a data security SaaS solution that includes a comprehensive set of product capabilities to help customers protect, detect, and recover their data from cyber attacks.

These product capabilities are Threat Protection, Data Classification & Cyber Vaulting:

  • Threat Protection - a deep learning-based ransomware detection engine.  This is rapid scanning for anomalies, potential threats, and other indicators of a ransomware attack.
  • Data classification - BigID Classification technology to discover and classify large sets of data to minimize risk, and understand the impact of a Ransomware attack.
  • Cyber Vaulting - With Cohesity FortKnox, included in DataHawk, customers can secure an offsite copy of data in a modern cloud-based cyber vaulting service, where data is kept out of the hands of bad actors via a virtual air gap.

The DataHawk Security Center centralizes the management and response to ransomware and other threats that pose a risk to your data and your organization’s reputation. Thanks to its powerful dashboard and drill-down capabilities, you can leverage threat detection, data classification, user activity tracking, and cyber vaulting—helping protect your organization’s data, detecting an attack, and recovering quickly without paying a ransom.

Intelligent threat protection
Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with threat intelligence to identify elusive malware. Highly curated and managed threat feeds, trained with ML and updated frequently, always keep you up-to-date. Simplify threat protection with 1-click threat detection and scanning at scale.

Accurately classify sensitive data
Find sensitive and regulated data and reduce false positives with ML-based data classification. Our highly accurate ML-based engine classifies sensitive data, including personal identifiable information (PII), PCI, and HIPAA. Rapidly assess and understand the impact of a ransomware attack or cyber incident.

Cyber vaulting for the cloud era
Enhance your data security against sophisticated ransomware attacks. DataHawk includes Cohesity FortKnox, a SaaS cyber vaulting and recovery solution that gives your data an additional layer of managed security and protection against cybersecurity threats. Simplify operations, lower costs, and recover confidently from attacks.

Cohesity gives you both data security and data management. Get comprehensive cyber threat protection, rapid ransomware recovery, and hybrid cloud mobility.

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