Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is Robotic Process Automation?


RPA are software bots that can be trained to automate tasks that are normally mundane and repetitive to humans. OrangeWorkforce is a digital work force that has minimal to zero human interaction. It is a collection of RPA bots that imitate the human workforce and become a part of the company's workforce digitally. OrangeWorkforce can venture into any industry, all the user needs to do is train the bots.

Why OrangeFin Workforce is your best solution provider?



OrangeBots is capable of doing a self recovery, such as Auto Restart


Hive Maintanence

OrangeBots will conduct hard disk housekeeping to keep their productivity on optimum. It also divide the task among them.


Peer Monitoring

OrangeBots will rely on each other, so when one the bots is glitching it will trigger the self-recovery.



OrangeBots will be monitor and support by OrangeWorkforce Manager via OrangeCloud.


Benefits of OrangeWorkforce RPA


Works 24/7/365 

Automates high high-volume and repetitive computer-based tasks as it works on set rules


Multiple Platforms

Works across multiple platforms, inter-department and functionalities


No API integration  

Works with any existing systems and database, without enhancement


It doesnt get bored

Mimics human employees by automation PC tasks - equivalent to 3 employees


Requires minimal to zero human interaction.


It can venture into any department or industry to work alongside your human workforce.

OrangeFin is all about Workforce Augmentation. Unattended Robotic Workforce of The Future

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