Veeam: Hyper-Availability Solutions

Veeam: Hyper-Availability Solutions

Meeting the needs of the Always-on Business

To meet the needs of end users demanding access to data 24/7 with no tolerance for downtime and data growth of 30-50% each year, organizations are modernizing their data centers and lowering costs by investing in server virtualization, modern storage applications and the cloud, to remain always-on. Veeam helps meet the needs of the Always-on Business by delivering powerful, easy to use and scalable award-winning technology including:

  • Recovery of failed VM in as little as 2 minutes
  • Near-continuous data protection with built-in replication
  • Fast, agentless item recovery and e-discovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory, along with transaction-level recovery of SQL databases
  • Lower RPOs and 20x faster backups with backup from HP and NetApp storage snapshots
  • Automatic recoverability testing of every backup and every replica, every time
  • Offsite backups 50x faster than standard file copy with built-in WAN acceleration

Today's IT requirements have changed

Your company's data is its most valuable asset. However, legacy backup tools simply can't cope with the demands of virtual environments and challenges with exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows and an increasing intolerance for downtime and data loss. At Veeam, we believe today's IT requirements have changed and that "3C" legacy backup problem - limited capabilities, increased complexity and high cost - are no longer acceptable for any organization.

  • Veeam High Speed Recovery High Speed Recovery
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • Verified Protection
  • Leveraged Data
  • Complete Visibility

Powerful: Dramatically improve RTOs and RPOs

Do your backups take too long? Unlike file-based backup, Veeam Backup & Replication provides image-based backup that allows for fast, efficient VM backup and fast, flexible recovery of an entire VM, file or application item. Now you can back up every VM every day - or more - so you can meet your recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Veeam Agent For Windows and Linux

Due to various factors, including complex hardware configurations and regulatory compliance requirements, some physical servers and workstations cannot be virtualized. And everyday occurrences such as lapses in connectivity, hardware failures, file corruption — even ransomware or theft — can leave an organization’s data at risk.

NEW Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows and Linux — a key component of the 
Veeam Availability Platform — solves these issues by closing the gap that some enterprises face with large, heterogeneous or multi-cloud environments and further enables workload mobility by delivering Availability for Windows and Linux based workstations, physical servers and cloud instances.

Veeam Backupn for Microsoft Office 365

Protecting on-premises data is a no-brainer. But why do so many organizations overlook protecting cloud data? Microsoft provides powerful services within Office 365 – but a comprehensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them. 

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams – so that your data is always protected and accessible.

Veeam Backup for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 gives you the power to securely backup Office 365 and:

  • Protect your Office 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps
  • Quickly restore individual Office 365 email, files and sites with industry-leading recovery flexibility
  • Meet legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery of Office 365 items

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Veeam Availability Orchestrator delivers a reliable, scalable and easy-to-use orchestration and automation engine that’s purpose-built for today’s business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) needs. By eliminating manual testing and recovery processes that are inefficient, lengthy and error-prone, Veeam Availability Orchestrator provides a planned, practiced and proven DR strategy – using replicas and backups – for more resilient IT operations.

  • Reliable recovery to ensure IT service continuity and resilience at any scale with extensible orchestration of recovery plans and migrations of any app, any data, at any time.
  • Automated testing to prove recoverability and reliability of recovery and migration plans, application patches and upgrades, DevOps and more, without disruption to the organization.
  • Dynamic documentation to assure compliance requirements with rigorous reporting and actionable documentation that can be created, customized and updated automatically on a recurring schedule.

Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Modern Data Center™ by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility. Veeam Availability Suite™, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication™, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data center to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

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