Zerto: Virtual Data Replication Software

Zerto: Virtual Data Replication Software

Zerto Virtual Replication

Why Replicate in the Hypervisor?

Discover the technology that changed business continuity and disaster recovery in virtualized environments, allowing customers to fully realize the benefits of virtualization. Replication in the hypervisor, as opposed to storage and LUN-based solutions, allows for greater flexibility, control and cost savings when managing mission-critical applications.

Zerto Virtual Replication for VMware vSphere

Zerto’s replication  software  for VMware vSphere enables automated data recovery, failover and failback and lets you select any VM in VMware’s vCenter. It’s that simple — no storage configuration necessary, no agent installation on guest required.

Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Hyper-V

Zerto Virtual Replication, the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication solution for VMware environments, is now available for Microsoft Hyper-V. Purpose-built for production workloads and deployed on a virtual infrastructure, Zerto Virtual Replication is the only technology that combines near-continuous replication with block-level, application-consistent data protection across hosts and storage.

Zerto Virtual Replication is the first hypervisor-based replication between different hypervisors. With the revolutionary capability to automatically convert Hyper-V VMs to VMware and VMware VMs to Hyper-V on the fly, Zerto allows replication from remote office Hyper-V instances into a central VMware data center, seamless migrations of workloads between hypervisors or even the ability to replicate VMs from a primary VMware data center to a secondary Hyper-V data center for disaster recovery.

Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform

Zerto’s Cloud Continuity Platform encompasses components that are critical to the future of data mobility and protection and brings the freedom of choice to IT departments everywhere.

Hybrid Cloud – Replicate to Many Clouds

Enable your organization to configure multiple SLAs per application using Zerto Virtual Replication’s One-to-Many feature. One-to-Many grants you the flexibility to protect workloads to three targets, including a mix of private, hosted, hybrid, and public clouds!

DR as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service enables your organization to consume pay-as-you-go replication, along with recovery automation services. Replicate from on-premises to over 300 Zerto Cloud Service Providers (ZCSP), or protect cloud workloads with DRaaS to another of the ZCSP cloud locations.

DIY Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

Public Cloud options, like Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), provide do-it-yourself, enterprise class Cloud DR without the cost of a second site, and is a great first step to cloud.

Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments.

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